July 5, 2020

 Mario Drevensek

Company name: Beyond Seen Screen d.o.o.

Colour of your eyes: One that can see beyond the screen (brown)

How many people are in the team: Enough (3)

Discussion on the product/service

Can you describe your product/service to us?
ExRey is a smart video recognition technology, that allows viewers to scan the video content using their smartphone and get additional information related to that video content they are watching.

ExRey will bring unique innovation to our lifestyle. Every video in the world has unique features that can be extracted by ExRey to allow its recognition. We use our proprietary algorithm to detect different types of video content including, but not limited to, different genres, pre-recorded and live content. Imagine that you are watching a film on TV based on a true story and that you are interested in the details of those true events. Or that you are watching a music video and you want to know where the artist is on tour and where to buy tickets for concerts. Or maybe you want to quickly get to the recipe that chef is preparing on your favorite cooking show.

Right now, you have to search for this information by manually typing into a search engine. With ExRey you can get to this information with less effort. With ExRey the content producers and advertisers can link additional information to the video content. Viewers no longer just passively receive video content but can interact and engage with it. Simply point ExRey at a video you wish to recognize and click the scan button to receive additional information on your smartphone.

How did you get to an idea to start with this?
Co-founders of Beyond Seen Screen company have been working in the broadcast industry for more than 15 years. We have been aware of need to make watching TV program interactive, to connect primary screen with secondary screen. After proving that our idea of recognizing videos works, we decided to start working full time on it.

What are your plans for the future?
– June 2020, we plan to release ExRey platform and actively promote it.
– Further develop additional platform functionalities, grow video database
and work on constant increase of active platform users.
– Develop B2B2C business first in the region and then globally.

Read more about BSS on our portfolio page ->

Personal conversation

Rather Ginto or Whiskey?
Not a fan of alcohol. Alcohol is troublemaker and there are other ways to relax and experience other dimensions. If I must drink alcohol, then šljivovica is the choice.

What is the difference between you and Steve Jobs?
I do not wear turtleneck shirts.

What is it like to run a business and what do you like the most?
I really enjoy running a startup. Often you are out of your comfort zone and that makes you grow. There is no certainty. You must believe in what you are developing and be focused and persistent.

Are you more Goulash or Odojak? Caviar or Foie gras?
Force me with a kind word and I will eat them all. Foie gras I do prefer more than caviar.

What is your favorite spot on the planet?
I do not have a favorite one. I like to travel and have seen many places. World is special for so many reasons like nature, people, wildlife, architecture, food, music, sport, spices, etc. But at the end all boils down to how you feel. I felt great in South and North America, Asia, Africa and in Croatia.

What advice would you give to other people that are interested in starting something new?
Dream big, dare, and believe.

What would you advise a founder to do?
Find a market fit before you invest time and energy to develop your idea. Test it.

What would you advise a founder not to do?
Do not trust every business consultant, be careful. Sign agreements before you start working with someone.

What is a key factor to success?
Timing, team, and idea are most important factors. Money will come.

How to teach a frog to smile?
With a delicious fly.

FRC program

Can you tell us something about your experience in the FRC accelerator program?
It was time well invested because we got firsthand experience how to develop business, what are typical mistakes and obstacles that challenge this process.

What was the most important takeaway from the program?

Firsthand experience what mistakes not to do.

Would you suggest to other founders to apply?

It is great opportunity for all dreamers and innovators to get a chance to develop their ideas and test them. Some of them will become successful businesses. Do not miss that chance!

Who was your favorite FRC team member and why?

Julien is the man. Because he likes odojak.