July 5, 2020

Name: Tin Keškić

Company name: Worcon

Colour of your eyes: Blue/Green

How many people are in the team: 9

Discussion on the product/service

Can you describe your product/service to us?
We develop B2B 
marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers.
suppliers in the machining industry. So let’s say you need some metal parts to be machined. Simply post-tender on our platform and companies will make you an offer.

How did you get to an idea to start with this?
I finished mechanics so all my life I was into engineering, electricity, automation and also from the first day I like the internet 😀 One day I need some part to be made and it was hard to find a company on google who will produce that part. So I say OK, let’s make a marketplace, and here we are 4 years later.

What are your plans for the future?
Things that I mentioned before are just one small part of what we are doing. Plans are really really huge! Simply to said we want to be the main hub for engineers and companies in the world. We are developing some amazing stuff that will reinvent the industry as we know it. 

Read more about Worcon on our portfolio page ->

Personal conversation

Rather Ginto or Whiskey?
Gin definitely. I’m not so into whiskey guy a lot of people say it will come with years but I’m 24 so I have a lot of time I think.

What is the difference between you and Steve Jobs?
Who is Steve Jobs? 😀

What is it like to run a business and what do you like the most?
For me amazing. Let’s be honest it’s hard it’s not easy but you simply need to love it. This is my life and I think I cant live without this. I think the best part of the business is the journey. The journey of how you start, how you find your first employee, your first client, investments, travels, and most important networking.

What are your biggest obstacles?
I think I don’t have them. 
Maybe myself in terms of if I don’t work enough, if I made bad decisions, but so for I’m good with that stuff.

Are you more Goulash or Odojak? Caviar or Foie gras?
I like seafood a lot but lets say Odojak and Caviar.

What is your favorite spot on the planet?
Gorice definitely!

What advice would you give to other people that are interested in starting something new?
Start just start. Don’t think about problems. Just start, you will solve in process. All people have tendencies to become an entrepreneur but only brave ones go for it. I think it’s really simple you either start or no. there is nothing in between.

What would you advise a founder to do?
Google, Google, Youtube, Youtube, and networking.

What would you advise a founder not to do?
Don’t be selfish in business and always play the fair game!  Don’t start a business with the idea I’m gonna fuck you up. Don’t. And listen to the team and other people’s advice and opinion about your business. It doesn’t mean that they are good but listen to them. One day you will take something from that stupid drunk guy in a bar.

What is a key factor to success?
A crazy mindset is most important, hard work, having the balls to make a move, and being humble definitely.

How to teach a frog to smile?
Sorry but this is too hard for me.

FRC program

Can you tell us something about your experience in the FRC accelerator program?
I think it was a really fantastic experience. That accelerator program completely changes how I’m thinking about startups, life, and more. It will be great if every person can go through that program. You meet a lot of great people, learn how other companies are working, how to make a move and many more. So definitely go for it and use every bit that FRC is offering you from office hours to resources to connections just use it.

What was the most important takeaway from the program?
A lot of knowledge of how VC is working and how to deal with them and also meeting new people

Would you suggest to other founders to apply?
Definitely. 10000 % what you have to lose? Nothing. That is what I’m talking about you either do it or don’t. don’t make excuses I can’t get funding, people don’t understand my idea, DON’T. Just go for it. If you fail it’s your mistake not the mistake of your friend, or team, or anybody else.

Who was your favorite FRC team member and why?
I need to say Roger because he is writing me a check for investment and it will be really stupid for me if I put someone else. Joke aside everyone is great and we have a lot to learn from them but Roger is from the beginning with me so I like him a lot. PS: Roger if you are reading this don’t hesitate to write one more check 😀