October 28, 2021

Name:  Michael Schneider

Company name: Break Stuff j.d.o.o.

Colour of your eyes:  brown/green

How many people are in the team: 3

What is the difference between you and Steve Jobs: I have a windows laptop 😉

Discussion on the product/service

Can you describe your product/service to us?

We are an AI-driven and Blockchain related one-stop-shop for sports card collectors and investors.

How did you get to an idea to start with this?

I started collecting cards again in 2018 and quickly fell back in love with it. Then my serial entrepreneur mind started working again and the first business case was born.

What are your plans for the future?

 Go big and build something my users love.

Rather Ginto or Whiskey?


Personal conversation

What is it like to run a business and what do you like the most?

I have been through that several times, but it’s really exciting to work on a topic you personally love, like a hobby.

What are your biggest obstacles?

Lack of money.

What advice would you give to other people that are interested in starting something new?

Take your time, do your research, talk with as many people as possible about the idea (neutral ones and with people from that business/niche), and then search for the right partners in crime.

What would you advise a founder to do?

Work hard, play hard.

What would you advise a founder not to do?

Take the work-life balance seriously.

What is a key factor to success?

It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon.

How to teach a frog to smile?

Kiss him!? haha

FRC program

Can you tell us something about your experience in the FRC accelerator program?

Great mentors and founder community.

What is your favorite spot on the planet?

The beach 😉

What was the most important takeaway from the program?

Focus and get your s*** done.

Would you suggest other founders apply?

Sure you get cash, network & expertise. That’s all you need as a startup 😉

Who was your favorite FRC team member? Why?

Mili he’s a straightforward guy and knows how the wind blows.