November 17, 2022

When asked what it takes for us to invest, we find it is easier to answer the question: What it takes for us not to invest !? Well… we are always worried when a deck shows cumulative numbers, we think there is something to hide or a desire to exaggerate your growth. We are also very wary of a plethoric board of advisors especially when you are at a very early stage. We also dislike when people are not using straight metrics; no need to hide you don’t have metrics if you don’t, if you are at pre MVP or MVP stage investors are not totally dumb and will understand that. 

We are not big fans of overselling the past experiences of you and your team, rather focus on why alchemy is the right one for all of you. In short, we like straightforwardness, clarity, and humility. 

Those traits are not guarantees for success but we found them to be prerequisites!

This blog will always be less than 1000 characters, which is just a bit more than a Tweet and much more interesting.