December 9, 2022

In all our discussions with founders, we always ask “who is going to buy your company”.

When doing so we like to hear the founder’s answer and expand the discussion on their vision and ambition but that is all we are looking for here. At FRC we are strong believers that you should not build a company with a view to sell it. Building great products and executing your strategy will make you attractive along the way but trying to “prepare” your exit and make you attractive for such and such will almost certainly lead to your downfal with … nothing left to sell. It is already hard enough to execute the things you can control that you can just forget about executing a strategy on something you don’t control. People at the helm of your potential buyer change, market changes, overall geopolitics change… The world of business is so volatile that focusing on your own destiny is the only way to build something good. If you do so, monetizing options will come along the way which you will have the luxury to accept … or not!

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