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Founder’s interview: FloorNap

July 6, 2020 | By wp_admin

Name: Rino Duboković

Company name: FloorNap

Colour of your eyes: Blue as the sea where I was born

How many people are in the team: 3 unnormal travelers

Discussion on the product/service

Can you describe your product/service to us?
FloorNap – low budget accommodation within 15 €, sleeping on the floor has never been easier.

How did you get to an idea to start with this?
Travelling and hosting budget travelers.

What are your plans for the future?
To be one stop place for all low budget travelers.

Read more about FloorNap on our portfolio page ->

Personal conversation

Rather Ginto or Whiskey?

What is the difference between you and Steve Jobs?
I am more into ideas than jobs.

What is it like to run a business and what do you like the most?
Hard work all day, you must develop mindset to like it. I like the most testing the app in real life and meeting with my users.

What are your biggest obstacles?
Break the habit of sleeping on the bed 🙂

Are you more Goulash or Odojak? Caviar or Foie gras?
Tuesday in FRC got me only to Odojak.

What is your favorite spot on the planet?

What advice would you give to other people that are interested in starting something new?
I will advice them to train how to set up their mind for  startup waters.

What would you advise a founder to do?
To find a team who believe in idea and to stick with that team.

What would you advise a founder not to do?
Don’t give up, it gets easier.

What is a key factor to success?
Hard work.

How to teach a frog to smile?
Smile to the animal that can understand human emotions, you will create domino effect and maybe if you are lucky frog will catch it.

FRC program

Can you tell us something about your experience in the FRC accelerator program?
I received lots of different great advice from experienced founders.

What was the most important takeaway from the program?
Food takeaway 🙂 (it’s hard to give just one)

Would you suggest to other founders to apply?
I would suggest everyone to apply because startup is all about doing things fast, the worst it can be is learning things fast and with money you can do that.

Who was your favorite FRC team member and why?
Julien, because I think he understood more than others team members what problem I was trying to solve with startup.