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Founder’s interview: Miret

July 6, 2020 | By wp_admin

Name: Domagoj Boljar

Company name: Miret

Colour of your eyes: Dark brown

How many people are in the team: 3

Discussion on the product/service

Can you describe your product/service to us?
We make the most ecological sneakers in the world.

How did you get to an idea to start with this?
We worked in the footwear industry for years, and we saw first-hand how bad it is for the environment. So, we decided to turn it upside-down.

What are your plans for the future?
To develop the business as fast as possible, to introduce new products and ultimately to become a benchmark for true triple-bottom-line sustainability.

Read more about Miret on our portfolio page ->

Personal conversation

Rather Ginto or Whiskey?

What is the difference between you and Steve Jobs?
I am (still) alive.

What is it like to run a business and what do you like the most?
 I’ve been an entrepreneur for so long that I don’t know what it is like not to run a business.

What are your biggest obstacles?
The passage of time.

Are you more Goulash or Odojak? Caviar or Foie gras?

What is your favorite spot on the planet?
Right here and right now.

What advice would you give to other people that are interested in starting something new?
Think twice. But don’t think for too long, because someone is going to beat you to it.

What would you advise a founder to do?

What would you advise a founder not to do?
Stand in one place.

What is a key factor to success?
– Determination which is borderline to insanity
– A bit of good luck

How to teach a frog to smile?
Do not google “frog smile”. I dare you.

FRC program

Can you tell us something about your experience in the FRC accelerator program?
 It was before the COVID-19 crisis, so it was done live with actual people at an actual venue. Imagine that! It was a great couple of months learning new things and meeting other founders. I made some great friends in the process.

What was the most important takeaway from the program?
VC should be more than just investors. And at Fil Rouge they are much more.

Would you suggest to other founders to apply?

Of course. What is there to lose?

Who was your favorite FRC team member and why?
Roger. To annoy Julien.