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Fil Rouge Capital is a Venture Capital investment fund whose primary goal is to invest in
young entrepreneurs, start-up and scale-up companies, as well as establishing a local
entrepreneurial eco-system in Croatia.

The fund is fully operational as of 9th of July 2019, having been fully registered and having
received funding commitments of over €42,000,000 in record time, demonstrating a strong
interest in this important part of the Croatian economy.

Investment plan

Fil Rouge Capital will invest in the best and most innovative start-ups in Croatia in a variety of
sectors including software, fin-tech, marketplace, manufacturing, hardware, IoT and

Over the next four and a half years until the end of 2023, Fil Rouge Capital has set the goal of
investing in up to 250 companies operating in the Republic of Croatia through its three
investment stages:

 – The Startup School: for the earliest stage of a start-up Fil Rouge Capital is looking for
ambitious entrepreneurs who have great business ideas who will receive €10,000 and Fil
Rouge Capital support and mentorship to turn those ideas into a viable product.

 – The Accelerator Program: for those start-ups that have a product and want to grow Fil Rouge
Capital offers support, mentorship and up to €50,000.


 – Venture Capital: for later-stage start-ups looking to scale their business Fil Rouge Capital
provides support, capital up to €1.5m, and even follow-on capital.


Fil Rouge Capital Representative and Head of Scouting
Stevica Kuharski said:

Start-ups need to be given an opportunity, and opportunities are precisely what
Fil Rouge Capital brings to Croatia. Start-up founders, whose projects are in very
early, early and growth stages now have a place to go to for mentoring and
financial support. We are open for business and all you have to do is apply
through our website.



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