A team of startup specialists for SaaS, AI, tech, and games

Reveris is a private startup accelerator with 10+ experts in SaaS, AdTech, AI, ML, R&D, and video games. Stationed in Ljubljana but operating remotely throughout the region. They get very hands-on involved in developing lean business strategies and plans, designing and developing products, and assembling and managing teams.

They coach founders, help make data-driven decisions, advise on product design, customer-centricity & user experience, business and product analytics, and make business plans scalable and suitable for investment. They are all-around analysts, several of them with PhDs in data science and AI.

For FRC startups at mentoring sessions, they will help verify and shape founder’s ideas into lean, actionable, and investable business plans, help acquire first customers, help evolve product added value and UX to improve customer activation and retention, and potentially connect with organizations in the sectors of adtech, AI & ML, academia, games

We love bold founders and we provide “Capital for the Bold”. Get it?