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Cross-Criss Creative

Cross-Criss Creative is a company that addresses a completely new aspect of parenthood in today’s rapidly growing digital world. In a world where the quality of content, educational aspect and screen-time are creating a lot of controversy as well as opposed thoughts. We bring the best of both worlds.

Cross-Criss Creative is a mobile application that brings personalized, interactive and educational stories which help support a child’s development, while seamlessly limiting screen-time to the ideal and combining the stories with offline activities for a wholesome experience and a smooth transition from online to offline, making sure children get properly introduced with technology, but not forgetting the importance of offline activities and perfectly balancing both. Starting with a simple and interactive option of personalizing the main character (name, gender, hair color, eye color), the child gets to be the hero of their own story.

With the unique “Cross-Criss” storytelling option, each book consists of 27 possible stories in which the child gets to pick and choose how the story will progress.

With other interactive options integrated in the app itself (putting books back on the shelf before picking out the next adventure, items to choose from inside the stories…), each book ends with a bonus offline activity, connected to the content and theme of the finished story (activities such as creating decorations, puzzles, skip-hop activities…).

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