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E-Poets Society

E-Poets Society is the Netflix for Literature e-books in the MENA region with a 24/7 content creation engine, offering in-house produced debut novels, short stories, modern poetry, and self-development, in a household subscription plan.

This E-Poets “ORIGINALS” category is continuously enriched through a full-time dedicated talents’ scouting team, discovering and reaching out to new writing talents on social media.

In an e-publishing sector, where second language files, such as Arabic, are hard to convert to e-pub files, E-Poets Society implements a simple easy-to-use self-publishing dashboard to help the Arab author upload and automatically convert their content, but also set this “writer to reader” direct relationship, which has never been set before, due to the total absence of self-publishing platforms in the MENA region, and to this complicated conversion process.

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Key People

Pamela Osman

Ralph Younes

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