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Project Equinox is a platform for social-network-style publishing of augmented reality interactive virtual content.

For companies, Equinox are creating tools and an ecosystem where all you need to do is focus on creating content. For end-users, they are creating a communication platform which is compelling enough that they will use it on its own merits, increasing the likelihood that they will consume business-related content. Imagine you want to create a Christmas Tree right there in augmented reality. Currently, you’d need to contract a company for that. With Equinox, you can drag and drop the Christmas tree.

If you are a marketing agency, instead of acquiring physical billboards and then not knowing how many people saw it, create a virtual one and track exactly how much visibility it has – it’s addressable outdoor marketing: Equinox can target content to specific users.

If you are a sports brand, you can create a treasure hunt like Pokemon Go where users collect virtual items across the city and get virtual points and rewards. It’s like Pokemon Go and World of Warcraft and geocaching rolled into one AR world with crowd sourced elements, which may end up looking like The Matrix!

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Key People

Ivan Voras
Tonči Jukić
Saša Ilišević

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