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Etobico is a start-up company providing assistive technology solutions with an emphasis on stuttering. The company is committed to being a comfort, support system, and friend to the community of people who stutter.

The mission of Etobico is to provide high-quality products and customer service with a focus on positive energy, confidence, and a sense of pride and excitement. They yearn to bring trust, encouragement, and joy to the stuttering community around the world by enhancing their quality of life with our products.

Their focus in on taking a game-changing approach to delivering innovative and life-changing solutions to our customers. Knowing the problem first-hand paired with using our innovative methods we bring our consumers solutions that can be integrated seamlessly in their day to day lives. Their vision is to be a world leader in the development of innovative technology solutions in the field of stuttering, and a main partner to stuttering associations and institutions in order to bring the entire community together.

Stuey, Etobico’s key product, is the first electronic device that helps people who stutter make phone calls. No more phone call avoidance. No more asking for someone to make a call instead of you. Now you have the ability to make a dinner reservation. To call a doctor when you need. To call your bank or your plumber right away.
Stuey empowers you to live more freely!

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Damir Skoko

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