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Flexkeeping is a hotel operations management and staff communication app. It digitally consolidates all the information into the palm of staffs’ hands.

Hotels oversee and manage multiple departments and dozens of activities which require a lot of coordination. Previously, staff communication was done through pen and paper notes, individual phone calls, and emails.

Hotel managers and staff can stay connected by assigning and checking all tasks, updates, and messages in-app. This translates into major benefits for the property including 70% fewer internal phone calls, 40% higher staff productivity, and over 200 man hours saved per month. In addition, all of the actions done in-app are recorded for management to gain meaningful analytics to identify and eliminate bottlenecks.

When staff are working at their best, that is what they’ll offer to their guests. Check-in times are reported to be 60% faster and guests have submitted 45% fewer complaints. Once staff are given access to instant information and the right tools to succeed, they will spend less time on tasks and more time on what is important: their guests.

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Aljaž Ketiš

Luka Berger

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