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HOSS' goal is to inspire people everywhere to design a better life. They do that by sharing their passion and knowledge — and freely exchanging ideas. Across channels, HOSS aims to achieve the tone of an expert guide who also happens to be a good friend.

In this phase HOSS’ main focus is on the bedroom, as the rest and regeneration that happens there set the tone for a happy, healthy life. It’s where you (and, in many cases, those you love most) start and end your day — not to mention many moments in between — so it has to be both, organised and inspiring. That’s why the HOSS team is so passionate about creating multi-functional pieces that become a seamless part of your life — in all its situations and stages — and add ease, beauty, and inspiration to your daily (and nightly) routine.

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Borna Matković

Višen Matković

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