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Build Software on Time, on Budget, all Features. With JadeALM you don’t have to compromise!

Document, plan, track and visualize your software development process from the first idea to production and beyond – all in one place.

Stop losing time and money on miscommunication. Clearly define and communicate your priorities. Centralize project requirements workflow. Empower your team with relevant information only. Focus on things that matter.

JadeALM is an Application Lifecycle Management tool that bridges the gap between Project Requirements (What) and and Project Execution and Management (Who, When) by making Project Requirements the source of all truth for the complete Project Management process.

JadeALM provides specialized tools for every role of a software development process – Stakeholders, Analysis, Project Management, Development, Quality Assurance – that gives everyone a unique focus and oversight on their respective role in the process and keeps them completely aligned about all critical project information.

Keep everyone on the same page – Literally!

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Mario Jurić

Boris Sever

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