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Kamon offers a set of tools for developers to help them instrument, monitor and debug distributed systems and go from zero to a healthy and observable product deployment.

In an increasingly more complex world of distributed systems, developers need tools to help them know what is going on with their services and why. With Kamon’s open-source instrumentation tool – Kamon Telemetry, and monitoring tool – Kamon APM, developers can understand how their systems behave, get alerts when things go wrong, discover and debug issues across services and ensure the lights are green all the time.

Getting started with Kamon tools is fast and simple. Developers can start monitoring their services in an instant with Kamon APM’s premade dashboards or create custom dashboards according to their needs. Kamon tools also offer the ability to capture every single measurement without sampling or to look at the big picture and identify errors, bottlenecks and performance issues at a glance.

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IT development

Key People

Mladen Subotić

Ivan José Topolnak Mares

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