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Lebesgue developed its products after gaining world-class knowledge in advertising by working with renowned Silicon Valley startups. Backed by this experience, the company decided to combine that domain knowledge with their mathematics expertise to develop a solution that will help any business at any stage of their growth.

The company develops software solutions that enable companies to make sense of their metrics and performance and get valuable, actionable insights on how to improve their business. Lebesgue’s solutions are ideal for small and large businesses who want to gain an advantage in the growing eCommerce industry by getting the most out of their data.

Using Lebesgue’s software, businesses are getting the benefits of a data scientist and an advertising expert without having them in-house. They have the ability of having their most important indicators at their fingertips and acting on them fast using personalized advice backed by years of advertising experience.

Lebesgue aims to improve online advertising results through software built on mathematical models and help eCommerce businesses grow.

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Josip Begić

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