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A personalized fashion marketplace connecting fashion enthusiasts, brands, artists, and influencers.

The global fashion market is facing major challenges. In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of e-commerce is growing faster than ever. Brick-and-mortar shopping centers are losing importance in favor of online marketplaces. At the same time, Modsly observes a growing awareness of consumers, who pay more attention to quality and ethical production. They prefer to support small local brands than international fast-fashion corporations. The slow fashion trend is gaining more and more followers. Moreover, consumers want something more than the trends imposed by global corporations. Today’s trendsetters in the world of fashion are no longer colorful magazines or television, but bloggers and influencers active on social media. They are the ones who have the greatest influence on society’s purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to the millennials, the group with the greatest purchasing power nowadays.

Modsly is addressing those trends with its social commerce platform where influencers and fashion enthusiasts can create their customized fashion projects and offer them on sale to a wider audience. It’s the consumers who decide which items will be produced and in what quantities. This way, they avoid overproduction and generating unnecessary waste.

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Jakub Budzik

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