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NAOMI mental wellness

NAOMI mental wellness is a company that develops a mobile application that will serve users as a virtual mental health assistant, available 24/7 on their smartphone.

A large number of individuals face a variety of psychological challenges, such as anxiety and worry about the future, high level of stress, loneliness and depression, anger and frustration, and sleep difficulties.

Unfortunately, sometimes there is a great deal of stigma and fear of seeking psychological help, which impairs the quality of life of individuals in the long run because they do not know how to deal with their unpleasant emotions.
Naomi offers users content based on the cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, which is highly structured, measurable and scientifically proven. In addition, it offers much-needed emotional support, and asks them relevant questions in order to gain new insights and learn to better deal with stress and emotional difficulties.

In addition, through the application, users can contact psychotherapists and arrange meetings with them, in case they need additional help.

The premium version of the application contains a special section intended for companies, in order to monitor the satisfaction and engagement of their employees, and to have a better insight into their levels of stress.

The founders of the company are from Croatia – experts in the field of psychology and IT.

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Information Technology

Mental Health

Key People

Sandro Kraljević

Nikolina Šaravanja

Marino Šabijan

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