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Ninja Lender

Ninja Lender is a FinTech startup based in Estonia, Poland, and Croatia, originally from Ukraine.

The company built a B2B platform to help banks and credit institutions reduce the wastage of loan applications by matching rejected borrowers with other credit providers. It allows them to make an alternative offer instead of a negative decision, reduce customer acquisition costs, get verified leads, and increase customer loyalty.

Banks, lending companies, and P2P lending platforms can use Ninja Lender to buy and sell any type of rejected loan application. They just need to get the borrower’s permission and send data from the loan application to Ninja Lender via API, and the platform will search for another credit provider that can offer a loan. Technically, it works as a brokerage system based on ping-tree technology that gathers and distributes rejected applications. Also, credit institutions can buy a license for the Ninja Lender platform and use it internally to collaborate with other players in the market with full control and customization.

Ninja Lender dares to shape the future of the lending industry by changing the way people and companies get loans. And now their mission is to increase financial inclusion and give access to loans for rejected borrowers.

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Key People

Yaroslav Dubov

Valerii Yurikov

Mariusz Hildebrand

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