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On their path to rethink a dull and plain product, Nocturiglow team spent hundreds of hours interviewing patients, mapped out dozens of designs and tested many features. The result?

Nocturiglow – a simple, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional urinal bottle with an integrated glowing element, which enables an easy and safe usage even in complete dark. Thanks to the unique screw-on cap system and medical grade materials, Nocturiglow is completely leak proof and odourless. Although Nocturiglow is primarily designed for low mobility patients, nocturia patients and seniors, it can be useful for campers, gamers and truckers.

Nocturiglow is:
– easy and safe to use
– easily maintained
– durable and reliable
– discreet and hygienic

When you have to go, just follow the glow!

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Key People

Ivan Babić

We love bold founders and we provide “Capital for the Bold”. Get it?