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Universal vehicle registration plate payment platform that would be used for payment of whatever is possible on a daily basis.

Plate Pay wants to allow people to pay any drive-in or drive-through service with their registration plates connected to their Plate Pay platform account. Their main goal is to optimize the payment process in the existing drive-through services or to provide a plate payment solution for as much other business as possible.

Plate Pay provides an option to pay with your plates by simple one-click confirmation on your mobile phone (or another preferred device) after the information about your registration plate that is just recognized is linked to your Plate Pay account.

On a global level, Plate Pay represents a new type of completely common and optimized plate payment option for drive-throughs and drive-ins, but also for various other businesses with plate recognition alternative developed that works even on a simple smartphone.

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Key People

Lucija Iličić

Tomislav Rupčić

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