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An online marketplace for creatives, artists, brands and businesses which connects them with customers by offering unique and customized apparel.

Printee is a bridge between buyers and sellers, print companies and delivery companies. If any of your favorite brands, for e.g. local patisserie shop, want to have their own customized apparel, they can find their place on Printee. If you, as a loyal customer, want to buy their apparel, you just have to visit their webshop integrated onto Printee and support their work by buying their apparel. 

At Printee we take care of the platform, order management, payments, customer support, printing and apparel procurement, so you can focus on art, creativity and customers.  

There are a lot of potential sellers on Printee, from Influencers and YouTubers to NGOs, SMEs, large conferences and festivals. If you want to be one of them, register on Printee or contact them via mail.

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Key People

Ivan Krajinović

Katarina Guja

Zdeslav Markoč

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