ReeV - Fil Rouge Capital


A young engineering and prototyping team with the main focus on electric powertrain development and a passion for cars.

The scope of ReeV’s work is:
– Electric powertrain feasibility and HV battery concept
– Engineering services
– Mock-up and powertrain development and production

Company’s product „ReeV“ is a hybrid kit that is going to electrify the conventional vehicles and make a large impact in the personal mobility industry. Based on their automotive experience, the team has found a solution that utilizes the existing driveline and fits the Plug in Hybrid technology to conventional (petrol or diesel powered) running vehicles. Being in the early development phase, ReeV are in the middle of prototype development and approaching different niches that will get them to the mass market product. Aligned with Europe 2050 zero-emission targets, ReeV’s mission is to address the 10-year-old fleet and to accelerate the path to the electrified mobility!

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Key People

Igor Felc

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