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Smart Lumies

Smart Lumies creates products that they classify as Smart Toys.

Smart Lumies cubes is the first physical gaming platform that allows kids to play an unlimited number of games with a single smart toy connected to the app. Simple from the outside, easy to use and engaging, it is the perfect tech toy for boosting logical thinking, social and motor skills.

With more than 100+ games and levels, every child will find their own favourite game. The app observes userʼs playtime and progress to recommend what games to play next in order to constantly develop new skills. Improve skills and have fun.

Play on real physical toys that bring all the fun of screen games to the real world, making players an important part of the story. Imagine it as a console with hundred possibilities shaped around users, in this case kids.

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Key People

Martina Grgić

Filip Kovačić-Popov

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