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SOLA is an IoT eco-showerhead with a proven subscription-based business model.

Water is blue gold, and we’re wasting it. The company’s goal is to save 150 billion liters of water and 3 billion kgs of CO2 by installing 10 million SOLA showerheads in the next 5 years.

SOLA uses a unique combination of active and passive proprietary technologies to halve water usage and CO2 emissions. Smart features include adaptive water consumption monitoring, mobile application-based management, and low-level light therapy (LLLT), which increases hair growth and de-ages skin. SOLA doesn’t degrade the shower experience by simply cutting the water supply, but creates a rewarding process where the user wants and is happy to save water.

The company is currently focused on B2B and B2G with a unique subscription-based business model. Hotels can reduce operational expenses while providing a better service to their customers; governments in water-scarce regions like the middle east, see SOLA as a strategic partner to combat water droughts and desalinized water needs; slashing cost and increasing supply stability.

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Francesco Rubino

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