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You Intelligence

You Intelligence is developing an application called Stuff 4 You that will approach customers on the store’s website with a few common questions about their specific needs. Stuff 4 You will then analyse the customer's answers and offer a selection of best-suited results.

You Intelligence is a start-up with a mission to simplify life by creating customer-first solutions that utilize the power of computer intelligence. The problem of the internet data magnitude sometimes forces people to spend days in a search loop questioning every option, sometimes ending in choice paralysis. A TV purchase is a good example as it demands navigation through a high number of similar search results that differentiate by technical descriptions unfamiliar to an average user.

The application will reduce the time spent searching and matching product descriptions to specific needs, making the customer more satisfied with the shopping experience and increasing the probability for a purchase. Stuff 4 You will learn and continue to grow towards a smart and powerful AI-integrated solution working to make customer’s lives simpler and more efficient.

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Information Technology

Key People

Stella Antolović

Rosa Stojnić

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