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Playing live chess tournaments takes a lot of time and money, that’s why online chess has significantly increased in the last decade. Currently, due to the coronavirus situation, the vast majority of live tournaments all over the world have been cancelled. There have been many online tournaments organized, but all of them face with the same problem: cheaters.

SzuperChess is the first platform specialized exclusively in organizing secure online chess tournaments. They have developed an innovative anti-cheating system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It permits players to compete for the awards, without having to be concerned about the opponent. If he/she is using external help to win the game, we’ll catch him/her.  The online chess market is growing so fast, and cheating is not going to challenge its development, we are going to tackle it.

Made by chess players for chess players, we’ll shape the future of chess all together.

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Joan Buch Prades

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