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TAIA is a modern web application that helps businesses and individuals manage all their translation needs easily and more efficiently. By leveraging the assistance of advanced automation and AI, professional translators can help you get your content translated faster than ever before.

TAIA helps companies expand their business into new markets by providing you with a transparent solution for both machine translation and professional localization service.
In comparison to similar solutions, TAIA also enables users to upload files and receive translations in their original format. Currently, the platform supports 64 different file types which is the most in the industry.

From late 2018 up to now, TAIA has been used by 1800 users, collectively translating more than 15 million words. The company’s client base includes major international corporations, such as Red Bull, 3M, Novartis and Müller, among others.
TAIA sees its primary role as an out-and-out translation assistant for businesses that aim to faster expand internationally.

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Matija Kovač

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