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Top Digital Agency (TDA) team comes from both digital agencies and the companies that use them.

After exepriencing difficulties of finding the right match for successful partnerships, TDA team realized the world desperately needed an unbiased platform where digital agencies and companies could meet one another, without the conventional restrictions placed upon them. Their goal is to develop services that improve the lives of many small and medium-sized enterprises around the world, as they believe in giving everyone a fair chance, building bridges and mutual benefit.

This is why they created an online platform dedicated to connecting companies with digital agencies anywhere in the world. With the help of TDA, you can find a digital agency specialized in one area of business or a whole scope of activities, like web development, graphic design, software development or digital strategy.

Three key features of TDA are:
– A market for digital agencies to showcase their services in a transparent and meaningful way.
– A medium through which companies can find the perfect digital agency for their business.
– An unparalleled source of information and learning in one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

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Goran Deak

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