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Timeqube is a unique no-sound meeting timer that shows remaining time using the traffic lights-inspired colours: green, orange, and red.

Communicating directly with the human brain, Timeqube mindfully reminds meeting participants of remaining time without the stress of regular timers and alarms.

Timeqube Key Features:

– The first distraction – free Timer that lets you focus on the meeting itself and get stuff done faster!

– Now everyone is The Time-Keeper – with Timeqube on the table, everyone will intuitively cross-check time during meeting.

– Visible from all angles and distances – small meeting rooms and large conference centers – the cube will always be visible.

– Continuous Behavioral Stimulus – Timeqube provides gentle visual stimuli directly to the brain without diverting attention from the task at hand.

– Stress and Distraction Free Timing – colours in the peripheral field of human vision produce no stress or distraction.

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Key People

Andrzej Jan Dobrucki

Mikołaj Piotr Skubina

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