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Warrantiz is in the business of solving challenges in managing your assets, personal or business owned. Company’s mission is to streamline customer care processes in the retail industry and it surrounding value chain.

The company is building a digital platform which will interconnect business players from retail, manufacturing to service industry to better manage customer claims and complaints. Their solution is based on a set of digital components in the form of customer databases, data exchange services, mobile apps and a knowledgebase.

Warrantiz digital platform will provide benefits for the consumers by enabling them better management of their assets through the whole lifecycle. Various business players participate in the asset’s lifecycle: production, sales, delivery, service and maintenance and disposal/recycling. All of these business actors will be part of the Warrantiz digital platform.

Many customer related processes, especially the ones which involve claims and complaints require interaction of all participants. The purpose of company’s business model is to streamline and optimize these processes and activities for the benefits of the consumers and all business participants.

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Emil-Ilija Perić

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