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45HC.com is an easy to use, quick and efficient FOB FCL LCL container booking platform.

With 45HC, you can book a container in under two minutes. The platform is built so users can find the fastest route for their container all the to their warehouse through custom built route optimizer called, ‘Cloud-route.’ Cloud- route helps save both time and money when booking a container on 45hc.com.

With 45HC.com you can book your FCL (Full Container Load) Dry Containers on FOB Incoterms® only. Current process of ocean freight forwarding is burdened with inefficiency, lack of multiple carrier choices and hidden charges from freight forwarders. 45HC aims to solve this problem by leveraging technology and good honest customer service. Currently, HC45 platform instantly gives you FOB rates for more than 20 of the largest Chinese ports with POD in EU countries (and growing daily). It also gives you the ability to prearrange customs procedure (or T1) and delivery to your destination location which drastically cut time spent with your current provider (freight forwarder) for your every container shipment.

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