Authentic Luxury

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Maja Dimnik

Authentic Luxury is a premium booking platform showcasing world's finest luxury tented camps and eco-lodges in remote natural settings.

Company specializes in experiential travel and each property they represent is carefully selected for its strong dedication to sustainability, authenticity and luxury.

Travel trends have changed in recent years with a shift towards experiential travel. It means travelling with purpose and with focus on local experiences and sustainable tourism. With this market segment expected to grow 10% YoY, the potential for growth is incredible, but so far there was no dedicated platform for it and travelers needed to spent hours searching the internet for this type of stays.

With this in mind, Authentic Luxury has created first-in-class platform exclusively for this type of accommodation. Their mission is also to introduce the Personal Travel Planner powered by AI and allowing clients to create their trips in seconds.

Company’s vision is to lead the way in sustainable and responsible travel and inspiring others to join them in their commitment to create a better world for the future.

We love bold founders and we provide “Capital for the Bold”. Get it?