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Information Technology in the Automotive Aftermarket

Key People

Matea Sučec, Goran Rončević

Auto TCO is a bridge between buyers and sellers of used cars. Couch Data is a company behind the Auto TCO platform.

In short, Auto TCO is a bridge between buyers and sellers of used cars. It provides access to the biggest database of used cars, maintenance guides, and service logs. It also acts as a middle man in buying insurance and spare parts for the car.

Auto TCO is a platform where you can find all the details and costs regarding purchasing, owning, maintaining, and selling a vehicle (Total Cost of Ownership). You can check out your car existing details, rate and note the details about the car state (such as interior, exterior damages, electronics malfunctions, poor vehicle maintenance, or accident reports). You can also get a prediction of all the expenses regarding your car future maintenance and spare parts cost, find out the average fuel and insurance costs for the owning period. This platform also provides a safe place where you can easily and effortlessly buy spare parts and car insurance for your car.

Auto TCO is aiming to become a free complete digitally-driven management platform for the purchase and maintenance of vehicles. The company’s strategy also includes creating a mobile phone application and expansion to the European market with a plan to grow globally as well.

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