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Key People

Matic Rupnik, Aljaž Markežič, Petja Logar, Marcel Jereb

Huvii (Barthletix) builds next generation entertainment systems for sports bar screens, large venues, and other public locations with video screens.

Few things are as good at bringing a crowd together and creating an entertainment experience as a big sports game on a TV screen. Could this venue experience be synthetically created on an off-night using the same TV screens and the equipment customers already have in their pockets?

Barthletix saw advances in mobile technology, eSports trends, free-to-play mobile phone engagement techniques, and large multi-player online game revenue models– their conclusion was yes! Adapting these concepts to a pub venue was an ideal mission for serial entrepreneur and former video game studio owner Bostjan Troha and his co-founders. The pub entertainment market is massive and has had almost no innovation in 20+ years, fast-growing eSports have not yet emerged for the “casual gamer”, and technology today enables the lowering of the cost to deploy games to remote venues by 10x to 100x. Barthletix has the ambition of being on every public video display in the world and creating a new product segment of high-impact video venue entertainment.

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