She’s Well

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Health Care, IT

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Alex Vidovich, Matt Wray, Zivana Zerjal

She’s Well provides women and families with personal, affordable, and world-class fertility care.

The company works with its network of top-tier fertility centers to provide financing plans for fertility testing, IVF, egg freezing, and sperm freezing. With an on-demand concierge care approach, She’s Well provides support and guidance, to make the fertility journey less confusing and isolating.

One in six couples has trouble conceiving and they’re waiting longer to try. Women increasingly delay childbirth – one in three women in the U.S. has her first child after 30 and one in ten after 35. Male sperm count has decreased by over 50 percent in the last decade. Despite all the solutions available on the market, infertility services remain available to only 1%. Health plans usually don’t cover infertility treatments. The typical costs range from 12,000 to 20,000 dollars for IVF, plus another few thousand for the genetic testing involved to ensure the fetus is chromosomally normal. To help, She’s well started out offering subscription plans and concierge guidance to make fertility care more affordable and accessible to the 99%.

We need to usher a world where decisions about family and career aren’t ruled by biological clocks and where the best options, science, and care are available to everyone who wants to start a family.

We love bold founders and we provide “Capital for the Bold”. Get it?