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50 investments PR

January 25, 2021 | By Sonja Zigic

We are extremely proud to inform you that since the start of the Fil Rouge Capital investment activities in September of 2019, we have already made investments in 50 Croatian startups and companies and we have more investments coming up.
Those investments have been made across our 3 programs :
Startup School program(up to €10k)
Accelerator program (up to €50k)
Growth program (up to €2M)
We are very thankful for the trust we got from the founders and have been overwhelmed with the number of opportunities received for screening.
We are fully operational and continuing our investment mission into Croatian startups and the further development of Croatian ecosystem and are looking forward to teaming up with many more great founders.

Stevica Kuharski, principal at Fil Rouge Capital:

Having 50 startups successfully funded by us shows our strength and position within the Croatian and regional startup ecosystem. We are recognized by successful entrepreneurs and founders as the right partner to work with. Therefore, we’re looking forward to new applications and new teams that will join our family.

About Fil Rouge Capital: Fil Rouge Capital is a Venture Capital investment fund whose primary goal is to invest in young entrepreneurs, start-up and scale-up companies, as well as establishing a local entrepreneurial ecosystem in Croatia.