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Covid 19 fully operational fund update

January 25, 2021 | By Sonja Zigic

Fil Rouge Capital is a Venture Capital investment fund whose primary goal is to invest in young entrepreneurs, start-up and scale-up companies, as well as establishing a local entrepreneurial ecosystem in Croatia.

Fil Rouge Capital would like to inform you that during this unprecedented time regarding the COVID19 pandemic, we are still fully operational and continuing our investment mission into croatian startups and the further development of croatian ecosystem and the startup scene.
Our second Accelerator program successfully started on 30th of March and is running without problems or interruptions via virtual platforms and online webinars.
We are extremely proud that since the start of our investment activities in September of 2019., we have invested in more than 40 Croatian startups and companies and we have more than 10 investments coming up in the immediate future.
We are in the process of actively looking for passionate founders with strong vision and ideas to apply through our application link on our website to get the funding of up to €2M, and the benefit of our FRC perks, mentors network and other exclusive offerings from Fil Rouge Capital.