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Has your startup developed a solution to one of the pressing problems we are facing today and is looking for business, development and financial support? Are you especially interested in how 5G technologies will influence the business and believe that they represent an opportunity to create successful businesses?
Fil Rouge Capital is selecting 20 startup teams to join its Winter acceleration program FRCW20. The program will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, between March 30th and June 17th, 2020.
We are pleased to offer beyond money, a lot of perks and to the point seminars and workshops to make you a better entrepreneur.
Startups successfully completing the program and growing rapidly can also apply for the Fil Rouge Capital Venture Capital investment upon the completion of the program (up to a total of €2M investment).


-Fully committed, credible and passionate founders (usually between 2-4 founders).
-A compelling business concept or innovation. You have a Minimum Viable Product (even a basic one) that provides technical proof-of-concept. Startups with existing users or even paying customers that can thus also provide business proof-of-concept will have priority.
-Need to develop the product and market approach in order to accelerate your growth and need a professional team to assist you. You are determined to expand internationally and have a clear exit value, even if the exit path is not yet obvious.
-Fulfill the eligibility criteria detailed in the applications (especially Croatian eligibility).
-Have a good command of English.
While not a condition for acceptance, we would like to support startups aiming to utilize 5G network opportunities together with our partners.

-Funding of €50,000
-Full access to our mentors’ network and their Office Hours
-A Principal contact from among Fil Rouge Capital’s partners
-Access to seminars lead by expert coaches (that will be limited to some Tuesdays and Wednesdays in order for you to have sufficient time to focus on your growth and development).
-Access to free-of-charge perks including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Zendesk, Erste Bank.
-Introductions to our partners, mentors, potential customers and the co-investor network – often at our weekly Founder’s dinners.
-Privileged access to Fil Rouge Capital Venture Capital Growth Program.
-Support with incorporation, opening bank account and other support in Croatian business environment

In exchange, we ask for 10% equity.  Please apply to the Fil Rouge Capital Accelerator here ->.

Once you apply, our selection team will provide you with feedback and next steps.

Fil Rouge Capital team