Hoss raises €1.2M from Fil Rouge Capital to develop a turn-key solution service platform to accelerate the supply chain and disturb the global furniture trade

April 13, 2021 | By Sonja Zigic

Launched mid of 2017, Hoss currently manages over 40 productions, with presents in 6 European markets and the US

A German-based machine furniture platform Hoss has raised €1.2M in seed funding from the venture capital fund Fil Rouge Capital based in Zagreb, Croatia. The company will use the latest investment to fuel its expansion in western Europe and the USA and further develop the platform. 

HOSS is disrupting the $570 billion furniture industry by providing a vertically integrated Platform-as-a-Service solution and taking a data-driven approach to maximize efficiency and design products that consumers desire. This is expressed in both its HOSS furniture line and its white-label offerings. In addition, HOSS is facilitating the entire supply chain by enabling manufacturers to join the platform’s production clusters and making select furniture pieces available for consumers to buy on and many leading e-commerce sites. 

HOSS blends tradition, innovation, and technology. This mix of old and new is evident right from the initial assembly of each handcrafted piece: All HOSS creations are made in European factories hand-selected for their generations-old expertise and proven commitment to quality. But they’re quickly connected to the digital consumer through the most effective distribution channels to robust marketplace platforms like Amazon, Wayfair, Otto, and more. In addition, some items are also sold directly through HOSS’ own website which, supported by its social media channels, is fast emerging as a community hub for lovers of design, fitness, health, and wellness. 

This unique combination of traditional workmanship thought leadership and a modern, disruptive business model has enabled HOSS to achieve scalable growth, and our furnishings’ unique aesthetic and value proposition have made us an internationally recognized brand. Initially designed for the bedroom but fast venturing into other parts of the home, our designs are meant to be beautiful, but equally functional; contemporary, yet utterly timeless. And perhaps most importantly: they’re conducive to rest, rejuvenation, and good health.