MIRET 97% ecological sneakers, raised €250,000.00 from Fil Rouge Capital, to continue developing ecological innovation in the footwear industry and beyond

April 13, 2021 | By Sonja Zigic

MIRET is an innovative ecological brand and development company for natural fibers with a focus on sustainable solutions for a super low impact on nature. At the beginning of 2020. MIRET launched their second generation of eco sneakers made from 97% natural materials on Kickstarter, and is constantly evolving products that are kind to humans as much as they are kind to nature.

MIRET founders and brothers from Croatia, Hrvoje and Domagoj Boljar, invested 5 years in the development, testing, and manufacturing of one of the most ecological footwear lines in the world. 

Made out of plastic and leather, pairs were manufactured just in 2019. Polyester and rubber are made from oil derivatives and are the source of micro-plastics that pollute our grounds, seas, air, water, and ultimately end up on our plates. Most people think that leather is natural, but actually, it is filled with very toxic chemicals, most often heavy metals like chromium. 

MIRET offers an alternative to synthetic materials, replacing them with 10 amazing plants: hemp, kenaf, linen, cork tree, wood, corn, jute, eucalyptus, rubber tree, and New Zealand wool to craft their ecological sneakers, which are available in 5 different varieties based on the outer layer material: Hempies, Woolies, Fluffies, Veggies, and Woodies.

„With over 10 years of experience in footwear development and production, we are experts in crafting quality sneakers. We have spent the last 5 years searching and developing sustainable and ecological materials for our sneakers. MIRET sneakers are almost entirely made out of natural materials, safe for the environment and your health. The remaining 3% is synthetic glue and polyester thread. We will tackle this 3% soon. Our vision and long-term commitment are to develop materials that are natural and strong enough so MIRET can become the first 100% ecological sneakers brand in the world.” says Hrvoje Boljar, MIRET’s chief designer and co-founder.

The brand recently launched their new campaign, MIRET Forest Dark, featuring a winter interpretation of a classic MIRET low-top sneaker, made from a lavish layer of New Zealand wool felt, with a color palette borrowed from the world’s most endangered animal species. The goal of the campaign was to remind people of the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem protection.

With a great focus on empowering and educating customers in choosing sustainability, the company also took a turn in their business model, focusing more on B2B in order to offer their green technology and years of experience to other companies that want to implement sustainability to their product lines. 

Stevica Kuharski, FRC Principal:

“We are witnessing the development of the industry and its evolution into Industry 4.0. While the keywords of Industry 4.0 are connectivity and IoT, we often forget that sustainability itself is important. It is not only about the sustainability of the business, but also the sustainability of the business ecosystem, as well as the sustainability of nature. Miret combines available technology and is at the forefront of the wave of sustainable production among Croatian startups. In addition, its founders show a passion for what they do, they are experienced in running the business and the industry they are engaged in. We are happy to be a part of their story because we ourselves proudly wear their sneakers.”