Start of the Fifth Fil Rouge Capital Accelerator program 06.09.

September 9, 2021 | By Sonja Zigic

We are proud to inform you that the 6th of September marks the formal opening of our fifth Croatian Accelerator program “ Fil Rouge Capital Summer 21 Accelerator” which will be taking place both online and live in specific locations in Croatia.

After successfully finalizing three completely online Accelerator programs due to recent Covid restrictions, the FRC team is beyond excited to finally meet the founders from the fifth batch live for this exclusive FRC event.

The program starts on Monday, 6th of September, and with a time-limited period of three months, a selected group of Croatian startups is put in a high pace timetable and are taught years of learning in this short period of time. The program concludes with Demo day on the 25th of November where startups who graduate from the program get to pitch and present their business ideas to an exclusive FRC network of investors.