“Being bold means having the courage to get back up every time something in this life we choose as entrepreneurs knocks us down.”

Jack Thorogood

Founder @ Native Teams

"Nothing great ever comes easily, and the bold are those that strive for it anyway."

Robert Farazin

Founder @ TV Beat

“Every founder is bold by definition, as each one embarks on a journey to bring their vision to life, embracing the uncertainties and challenges that come with building something new.”

Josip Begić

Founder @ Lebesgue

What the FOUNDERS say

Warren Barthes

The FRC program has a lot to offer for all level of entrepreneurs and start-ups. In our case, they have helped us to scale through funding, meaningful mentorship, and helping us make those hard-to-find connections to bring everything together. There is a reason why they were voted “Best Investor” in their region 2 years in a row.

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Jack Thorogood

FRC have been highly supportive for us since day one. They are a pragmatic, highly experienced and knowledgeable source of wisdom and guidance when we need it, and a light touch investor when we don’t. They are fast moving and as good as their word at every stage of the journey.

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Sandro Kraljević

The most important takeaway we got from the program are useful perspectives on the business and startup world in general from people who have more experience than us!

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