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Fil Rouge Capital is a Venture Capital investment fund whose primary goal is to invest in entrepreneurs, start-up, and scale-up companies. We are sector agnostic and we run an Acceleration program 2 times a year. Our mission is to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem and make the Croatian startup scene the next leader in the CEE region and beyond because we believe it’s cool to disrupt things for the better!

What the FOUNDERS say

Katarina Pavlov

The best organized Demo Day that I have participated in, 50K and investor relations are key takeaways from the Accelerator program.

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Mario Dravenšek

It is a great opportunity for all dreamers and innovators to get a chance to develop their ideas and test them. Some of them will be successful businesses. Do not miss that chance!

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Sandro Kraljević

The most important takeaway we got from the program are useful perspectives on the business and startup world in general from people who have more experience than us!

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