1. We love building and being part of an ecosystem where everybody plays his role. We want to make the Croatian ecosystem the best in his class so you will see a lot of us in various events , talks etc because this is what we want to achieve !

2. Our reputation is our biggest wealth.

3. We always stand behind our founders, in good and bad times , we mean it, you will see !

4. We hate(d) to receive the “long yes” so we never give …the “long yes”

5. We love bold founders and we provide “Capital to the Bold” this is on the website’s landing page so we hope you got it by now.

6. We at FRC have “been there, done that”. Our combined M&A and financing track records exceed $4B, we have lost sometimes too and we are not ashamed about it.

7. We offer continuous support to our startups from incubation and acceleration to scale-up and exit.

8. “We bring you more than money” : Every VC claims it but very few actually live by it – we do. We were voted “Best Investor” in our region 2 years in a row and there is a reason for that – make an hyperlink to the FRC1 testimonials

9. We are fine with opinions but they are like assholes, everybody’s got one, we’d rather focus on facts

10. We are no nonsense guys. We will tell you things as they are, we never intend to demean or hurt. As it does happen every now and then, remember, we NEVER mean bad but rather strive for efficiency.

How long does the FRC investment process take ?
Our past experience shows that even when everything goes well it takes between 60 up to 90 days from the “yes” to the money on the account. Expect a notary, a lawyer , a banker… to always stand in the way of a fast deal.

Does FRC invest in a particular industry ?
We are agnostic and beside Alcohol, Gaming and Tobacco we are not limited to any industries.

What are FRC investment criteria?
We love bold ideas with bold founders , “Capital to the bolds”.

How much does FRC typically invest?
From E10k for our startup school up to E3M for our follow on type of in investments.

Where does your name Fil Rouge Capital come from?
Fil Rouge is the translation of “common thread” this is a concept that supports the idea of giving coherence to a disparate set , something that holds the body together like the backbone. We like it and find it very much in line with our passion of investing in early stage companies which are from different industries at various stage of their life but whereby Fil Rouge Capital is the common denominator to all of them.

What is the best way to get in touch with FRC?
Avoid getting in touch via LinkedIn, our life is short, so is yours, rather apply directly on our web site and even better: get introduced (and apply too !) you for sure know someone that knows the cousin of our grandmother!