Novak Law offices

A digital law firm with focus on servicing the business sector, corporate law, insolvency law, banking law and general business law.

Novak Law is a boutique law firm that adjusts to the needs and wishes of its clients, and offers tailor made services. They are the bridge between classical traditional attorney work and modern youthful approach with creative solutions and global reflection.

Novak Law office offers support for all standard legal services in regards to company incorporation and business management. General discount applies for standard rates, common services and fee estimates, which are confirmed based on the exact situation at hand. All estimates are VAT and any stamp duty fee exclusive.

Some of the perks Novak law offers to FRC portfolio startups:

Croatian company incorporation
UK/Irish Company Incorporation (and optionally share swap)
Lease Agreement for Office Space
Postponement on payment until you are fully funded by FRC.

We love bold founders and we provide “Capital for the Bold”. Get it?